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Gunpowder Chicken

The clue is in the name… This is for those who like it hot!

Papri Chat
A flavorsome combination of sweet and tanginess with a hint of spice just right for your taste buds.
Prepared with crispy dough wafers, chickpeas, boiled potatoes, green chilies, tomatoes and onions. Mixed generously with our signature coriander and tamarind chutney.
Crispy, flaky and oh so delicious, an appetizing Central Asian snack.
Baked pastry generously stuffed with a savory filling of a spicy mix of mashed potato. To enhance the experience of a crunchy, sizzling samosa dip it in our green chili garlic chutney and enjoy every bite.
If you are looking for something Hot and Crispy from the outside and tender from the inside, a plate of Pakora is exactly what will satisfy your cravings!
A Flavorsome appetizer, made with a combination of finely sliced potatoes, onions and spinach that are dipped in flour batter ready to be fried
Bihari Kebabs
bihari kebabs
If you are a meat lover, then you cannot ignore one of South Asia’s meaty specialty- Bihari kebabs in chicken or beef.
Tenderly cooked chicken or beef smothered with a delicious mixture of Yogurt, lime, garlic and grounded with in house masala’s and meat tenderizer.
Khow Suey
Have you ever visited Burma, and not tried Khow Suey? Then surely you have missed out on a one of a kind noodle dish!
Delicately spiced coconut milk sauce mixed with tenderly cooked bites of
served with an array of contrasting toppings that include – crispy fried garlic, lemon, finely sliced green onions and red chili flakes. Bursting with flavors, you will surely give those taste buds a treat to remember.
Authentic Karahi
Authentic Karahi
A dish most famously enjoyed across the sub-continent, which has made its way into the hearts of chicken and meat lovers everywhere.
Chicken or meat richly marinated in our own blend of spices prepared with fresh tomatoes, green-chillies, salt and grounded mild Asian masalas. This dish has an aroma that will leave you for wanting more!
Goan Chicken
Goan Chicken
A typical Indo-Portuguese dish embedded into the culture of Goa’s cuisine.
A curry dish prepared with chicken, onions, tomatoes, chilli pepper, garlic, and coconut milk all stir-fried with an array of spices. Served with steamed saffron white rice so that you can enjoy the flavours of a delightful curry!
A world-renowned dish flavoured with exotic spices and saffron.
In this delicately spiced rice dish the meat is marinated in spices & yogurt, and then layered between beds of fragrant long-grained basmati rice, which is steam cooked on a low flame for the flavours to beautiful settle in.

Moohi’s Kitchen

Moohi’s Kitchen was inspired by the sheer passion and love for food, driven from the culture of the subcontinent. Moohi since her early years was besotted by the idea of mixing ingredients together to form a dish. Cooking to her was an art, Moohi’s kitchen has managed to retain the true nature of Pakistani and Indian cuisine combined. The ingredients used in these dishes exude a vibrant feel of authentic desi spices. Our menu is rooted deep within the culture of the people of the subcontinent, dating back centuries ago. The menu selection serves to everyone’s taste buds, from tenderly marinated meat in lime, yogurt and garlic to a soothing soupy dish of Khow Suey prepared with bursting flavors of coconut. Our appetizers are crispy, sweet and tangy, served with our signature mango and green chili garlic chutneys. The vegetables, meat, and chicken are selected from a fresh range. Moohi’s Kitchen fulfills a completely authentic feel of flavorsome dishes; from mild to spicy the choice is yours and we welcome you to join us in our journey for the passion of food.

Moohi in her own words:

“At the age of 13, I first entered the kitchen fascinated by how my mother prepared Hyderabadi biryani. The aroma used to engulf our house, and I along with my siblings anxiously waited for the rice to be served. This was the time I felt a sense of longing, not just to eat the delicious meal but to be able to cook it exactly the same”

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Mr Shahnawaz Khan

I would like to give Moohi’s Kitchen 5* for amazing and fantastic food, My fav place to dine. Good food will recommend to family and friends!

Mr Alex Fernandas

Last night I had delicious food at Moohi’s Kitchen at Crouch Oak, menu was small but extremely tasteful dishes on menu, I ordered mixed Pakora and chicken Biryani. I would recommend Moohi’s Kitchen to all my family and friends.

Ms F FFiona Fernandes

Very well prepared with Fresh ingredients and has a fantastic flavour. Everything about this Moohi’s Kitchen is incredible. From food to hospitality, They are excellent.

Mr Mike Micheal

Food at Moohi’s Kitchen is always delightful, cooked fresh well presented and very tasty, perfect place for any occasion.

Ms Deepti Karanwal

Everyone enjoyed all the food on my birthday celebration. and We had the best day ever!!!”We both had a super day. Thank you so much for all your help advice and support in planning the catering we couldn’t of done it without you.

Mr Matthew Wren

The cuisine offers an experience that far exceeds that of other curry houses and invigorates traditional recipes with refreshingly different flavours and textures, whilst offering new and exciting dishes for Asian food lovers to savour. In summary Moohi’s Kitchen is amongst the very best I have ever had the pleasure of eating. I highly recommend Moohi’s Kitchen.


Will recommend Moohi’s Kitchen to everyone, had amazing food and would give no less than 5* for great food and service.

Mr Lamiya Al Shiekhly

Celebrated my friend’s birthday at Moohi’s Kitchen. Could not be more satisfied with the food and service. Our tables favourite was definitely the Malai Boti

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5:30 pm to 10:30 pm

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