Chicken Malai Behari Boti


Tender pieces of boneless Chicken marinated in yogurt, lime, spices and papaya juice.

lamb chops

5 tender pieces of lamb chops marinated in-house spices.


Samosa (3 per portion)


Deep Fried Wheat flour pastry filled with savoury potatoes

Mixed Pakoras


Deep-fried onion, potato, spinach dipped in a medium spicy battered

Half Grill Malia Chicken


The meat is marinated in mild spices, lime juice, garlic & yogurt

Main Course

Authentic Chicken karahi


Tomatoes, fresh green chillies, oil, spices & garlic

Goan Curry Chicken


Goan Curry Prawn


Tomatoes, onion, garlic, grounded spices, coconut milk, tamarind & lime

Mutton Bunna Khost


Mutton Bhuna Gosht is a delicacy with a host of spices, the mutton pieces are slow cooked in spices, garlic, tomatoes, ginger & onions.

Khow Suey Chicken


or Prawn


Burmese noodle dish delicately spiced with coconut milk and served with and array of different contrasting condiment toppings

Chicken Shish Tawook with Hummus


Lebanese favourite made with skewered boneless chicken marinated in yogurt, garlic, herbs served with Hummus, grilled tomatoes and Pitta bread.

Chicken Biryani


Fragrant basmati rice, exotic spices, saffron and meat, marinated in yogurt, then layered and steam cooked


Shahi Paneer


This delicacy is a perfect combination of creamy gravy seasoned with spices from the Indian subcontinent

gobi aloo


This popular dish in which, potatoes and cauliflower are cooked with onions, tomatoes and in-house grounded spices.

Tarka dal


A dish of different lentils cooked together with onions, garlic, tomatoes and the fresh sharp spices and fresh herbs make the dish unique.

Fry bhendi with onion


Bhendi Fry (Okra) is stir fried dish cooked with in-house grounded spices, onion, garlic and tomatoes & garnished with fresh herbs.

mixed vegetable curry


This popular dish is combinations of different vegetables are cooked with different spices & other ingredients.




This creamy rice pudding is delicately flavoured with cardamom and garnished with nuts – 5.99

Side order with main course



3 mini NAN